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 Islamic Ethics (Akhlaq)
 Lessons on Islamic Morals - Hujjat Academy Series (Completed - 20 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Akhlaq (ongoing) (Audio) (Video)
 Quranic Studies
 Understanding the Quran (Completed - 14 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Quranic Science (Completed - 13 Lecture) (Audio) (Video)
 Islamic Theology (Aqaid and Kalaam)
 Lessons on Islamic Beliefs (Completed - 12 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Islamic Belief systems - Hawza Series (Completed - 40 Lecture) (Audio) (Video)
 Islamic Belief systems -  Hujjat Academy Series (ongoing) (Audio) (Video)
 Theological Instructions (Completed - 35 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Al-Bab al-Hadi Ashar (Completed - 29 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Divine Justice (Completed - 22 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Lessons on Imamah and Wilayah - KLC (ongoing) (Audio) (Video)
 Principles of Jurisprudence
 Elementary (Completed - 14 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Intermediate (Completed - 59 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Jurisprudential Rules (al-Qawa'id al-Fiqhiyyah ) (Completed - 24 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Ijtihad & Taqlid  (Completed - 11 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Tahrir al-Wasilah, al-Ijtihad wa al-Taqlid  (Completed - 3 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Principles of Jurisprudence, al-Halqah al-Thaniyah (ongoing) (Audio) (Video)
 Islamic Philosophy
 Introduction to Logic (Completed - 9 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Introduction to Islamic Philosophy (Completed - 33 Lectures) (Audio) (Video)
 Bidayat al-Hikmah on Islamic Philosophy  (ongoing) (Audio) (Video)