Types of Study


Full-time Programme
Students undertaking the full-time programme are expected to attend 16+ hours per week of classes for the 16 week semester.
The current full-time programme will take the student until the 4th years of study and thereafter further options will be provided to continue in the higher sutuh studies.
Students who undertake the full-time programme are exempt from paying any fees, in addition to having sponsorship opportunities available to them and accommodation for those from outside London.

Part-time Programme
Students undertaking the part-time programme can customize their study but require a minimum attendance of 6 hours per week of classes for the 16 week semester.
Students who undertake a part-time programme with 12 hours or more a week, are exempt from paying any fees.
Those undertaking a part-time programme of between 6-11 hours a week, are expected to pay a £60 registration fee, in addition to module fees of £100 per module per semester.


The Saturday Prehawza course
This is a programme which has been introduced to run parallel with the main Hawza Programme which is currently running in the Hawza Ilmiya of England, London, at Islamic College.
It has been designed to provide an avenue of studying the Islamic sciences on weekends for two age groups: A level students and Adults.
Students will have the opportunity to engage with the scholars during the lunch break in an informal setting thus allowing any unanswered questions from the classrooms to be answered and also any additional information regarding the Islamic Sciences to be conveyed.
An opportunity to form friendships and build relationships with community members from different backgrounds in an Islamic environment.

Aims and Objectives
·Increase the standard of knowledge regarding the fundamentals of Islam within a society
·To engage youth and adults with traditional Islamic scholarship
·To enable us to live the true message of Islam within the West

The fees are £100 per semester.
The PreHawza is a one year course, over two semesters.