Sheikh Shomali addresses Mercy in the Quran at Abrar institute



Sheikh Shomali addresses Mercy in the Quran at Abrar instituteIn an open discussion held on 17th December 2014 in London, Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali the Director of Islamic Centre of England addresses Mercy, compassion and love in the Glorious Quran.

He pointed to the fact that "Bismillah Rahman Rahim" has been repeated 114 times in the Quran which means: God is telling us, I want you to remember me as the one who is Rahman Rahim (i.e. merciful)

He also expressed how god''s mercy should have had on impact our lives as believers.

The event was hosted by Abrar institute reflecting Gulf Cultural Club and the Christian Muslim Forum.

The purpose of the event was to address the possibilities of establishing a society of peace and love while evil is establishing foothold in our communities; And also How can people of religion disseminate the values of mercy and compassion to defeat those of exclusion and takfir?

This event was also presented by four main speakers amongst whom Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali represented the Islamic Centre of England.