Introduction to Hawza hisotry

This lecture was delivered by Dr Shomali on the 28th October 2012 in Qum at the University of Religions and Denomination to a group of 22 visitors from Germany.
Shi'ite seminaries or what is known as "Hawzāt (plural for Hawza) 'Ilmiyyah" have historically played a significant role in developing Islamic as well as pure and empirical sciences. Its institute has been central in educating people and providing the Shi'a community with spiritual, communal, and political guidance and leadership. In what follows, the significance of knowledge in Islam and development of Islamic sciences will be examined and this will be followed by an exploration of how Shi'ite seminaries historically developed. This lectures ends with a discussion on the current situation of the Islamic Seminaries of Qum and the way it operates. It is followed by Q&A. Click here for full article