About us


The Hawza Ilmiyya of England is an Islamic seminary for the traditional learning of the Islamic disciplines, situated in London, UK.

Originally founded in 1997, the Hawza represents an essential medium to train scholars and researchers in the Islamic disciplines that have been handed down to us through the rich heritage of the traditional centres of the Hawza Ilmiyya in the Muslim world. The Hawza Ilmiyya of England is a unique and challenging initiative given its geographic location and with the ever-growing requirements for the Muslim communities residing in the West, however, with deep roots in Hawza scholarship, under the leadership of Shaykh Mohammed Ali Shomali and with recognition from established centres of Hawza Studies in the Muslim world, particularly in Qum Al-Muqadasa, we are confident in undertaking this sacred responsibility to provide scholars for the future.
In our classes, we aim to provide more than just a general understanding of Islam, as it is taught in most Western Islamic studies departments today. We want to present an 'insider view' of Islam and allow students to understand it as a living, breathing, active way of life, as well as a system of belief. This means they will not only study academic theories about Islam, but they will become acquainted with scholarly debates going on within Islam and what these mean for Islam's future. In this way, we bring together education and spirituality, the classical and the modern, the theoretical and the practical.

Our students come from all over the world so therefore our main language for classes will be English, although students will be taught Arabic and there will be classes in Arabic for those students in the later years.
We at the Hawza consider self-development of students to be one of the paramount objectives and strive to create environments to foster spiritual growth. We also value and cherish our location close to the heart of London, which gives our students access to some of the best resources for research in the world.
The Hawza Ilmiyya of England looks forward to training scholars through the vast Islamic sciences available to us through the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) that not only provide depth in the traditional Islamic studies but also takes into account more contemporary issues and challenges that the Muslim community faces in the West.

Finally, we hope that our students would be instrumental in delivering the universal message of Islam for generations to come.